Rachel Valdés, an artist in the life of Alejandro Sanz

"I am inspired by nature, trying to create scenarios in different environments and spaces that can help the viewer perceive reality in a different way", as expressed in a video posted on her website, Rachel Valdés, who is identified as the new partner of the singer Alejandro Sanz. Valdés, 30, is a Cuban artist who graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana in 2010 and the Vermot Studio Center. The latter is a selective nonprofit organization located in Johnson, Vermont State City, which organizes residency programs in Fine Arts and Writing and is considered one of the largest in the United States in such disciplines


The artist declares himself multidisciplinary and this is reflected by his website where you can see some examples of his production in painting and photography. But the specialty in which it has stood out the most, and for which it is known especially in Latin America, are the large installations with which it seeks to interact with the viewer whether or not to understand in art. One of the most prominent named The beginning of the end and consisted of a kind of giant kaleidoscope based on mirrors that was installed in new york times Square.

"It was a challenge to create for a huge space," he says on his own website, "to share my work with people from a variety of countries, religions, styles. For me art is a universal language and what the piece is about creating emotions and being connected even if everyone experiences differently."

'The beginning of the end', the work that Rachel Valdés installed in Times Square. Instagram

Rachel Valdés maintains a studio in Havana's El Vedado neighborhood, but also distributes her work between the United States and Barcelona, a city she regularly travels to as it is where her five-year-old son Max lives, the result of his marriage to a Catalan some years older than she's divorced,

Considered part of the Cuban and regular artistic avant-garde of the Biennale of this country, the art and common friends seem to have been the nexus that has united him with Alejandro Sanz. The sing   e confessed in 2018 to the agency Efe that at one point he had to choose between painting and music, and chose the latter. But the worm was there and in May 2018 he resumed his hobby in a big way presenting in New York his first exhibition. Smile, in collaboration with Mallorcan artist Domingo Zapata. Thirty paintings with which Sanz found another way to give way to his emotions. "I only work paths so that the art born in me walks home," he wrote then on his social media


The new couple has neither confirmed nor denied their relationship, a practice that Alejandro Sanz has become a regular in everything that concerns his private life. However, she has not been able to prevent rumours of the existence of a new woman in her life, following the separation of Raquel Perera, which they both confirmed last July through her social media, from being corroborated after images in which they could be seen r sailing together on the Miami canals on the singer's yacht, even though his security team had checked the area to make sure there was no paparazis.

Alexander during the event in which he was named Favorite Son of Seville last May. GtresOnline

While Alejandro Sanz travels the United States to fulfill the commitments of his tour and he is accompanied by Rachel Valdés, this same week in Spain the singer has suffered a setback in the dispute that confronts him with Rosa Lagarrigue, who was his representative for 25 years. Lagarrigue sued the performer after the performer unilaterally broke, in May 2016, the contract that united them with a brief sent by the singer's manager. On Monday, a judgment of the Juzgado de Primera Instancia 74 de Madrid sent public on Monday, ordering the singer to pay 5.4 million euros to his ex-representative on the grounds that he considered the termination of the representation contract which bound them to be unjustified


A sentence that can be appealed but that augurs times of court and negotiations for Sanz, who also has to dissolve his marriage to Raquel Perera, who in addition to being the mother of his two youngest children, Dylan and Alma, is the one who held the reins of your business,