I'm trying to favor

My first reaction to the news that Iñaki Urdangarin, ex-duke of Palma and inmate in a women's prison, would leave her twice a week to do volunteer work, was no surprise. Rather I was glad because we could finally see his physical condition as we all saw last Thursday: better face and look than when he learned of the sentence. And more than following a protocol, creating one for how to dress when you've spent a year and a few months in jail and you don't want to look like mario Conde or Francisco Correa. That look casual and rehabilitated, blue shirt clarito, white belt, pants that show ankle and nice socks with comfortable green slippers. And a few drops of favor,

I greatly attract the fragrance of the favor deal. I'd love to write a zarzuela with that title. Because everything we will see in these outputs from the creator of the Instituto Nooos is material for a contemporary zarzuela. Actually, Iñaki has been linked to the favor deal since we met him. He's turned it into a kind of karma. Chase. Shortly after meeting infanta Cristina, she began sportingly the favor treatment, went from being an Olympic athlete to being part of the royal family, who also lives to a permanent favoral treatment, as could not be otherwise. Everything that happened to him next, his rise and fall, is as much consequence as an example of what it means to get used to that deal, to that contract. I always had the suspicion that when the exduque de Palma was surrounded by titles, sons, positions in large companies and manufacturing an Institute of Noos to get a little richer, he felt untouchable and the favor treatment in his environment only confirmed it. And he came to jail, where small favor deals are watched by a prison employees' union, but he's been able to get around it. The following outings will offer different looks, transforming the ineman into a mannequin of a revolutionary fashion: the chic of volunteering.

It has also been said that among the work he will undertake in a centre for people with disabilities is embroidery. I was stoned when I heard a SER collaborator joke that she would rule out that the ex-duke would be embroidered. Why not? Bordar is not an extravagant thing and you can't insinuate that feminize. Of course, Urdangarin will embroider that bordering character, who thinks he's innocent when he's not. That he thinks there's no favor deal simply because he's known nothing else for years,

zoom in Iñaki Urdangarin at the Hogar Don Orione where he will do volunteer work, in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, on Thursday. Victor Sainz

Carlota Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, will talk this afternoon in Segovia about philosophy during one of the most anticipated events of the Hay Festival. Casiraghi and Urdangarin are completely different. While Urdangarin embraces religion, Casiraghi defends philosophy and its importance in understanding our emotions. She talks that "sweetness and patience are very strong forces, they are not valued enough because they are feminine virtues that can be considered a sign of passivity." Surprising Charlotte, and it is precisely in phrases like this that Iñaki might think as long as he is helping to embroider as a voluntary act of healing.

A friend was astonished that she would attend Juventus' match against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Surely they would think as the collaborator of the SER, which is not something very typical of gay men. How wrong she is! Well, I loved seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in action. Every time he had the ball, the Metropolitan Stadium roared in a general beep that Ronaldo turned into a favorde deal. It was growing, making the protest a protective cloak. After all, it's something that only happens to him. No other player was beeped like that. It's almost like a seal. And I realized that Ronaldo enjoys what it means and that's what makes him play the way he does. He likes to be the most controversial, the millionaire, highly friendly, both diplomatic and professional. Before starting the game, he turned to Joao Felix, the beautiful new star of Atlético, also Portuguese and younger, with a fatherly gesture and companion on the way. I felt like applauding him, but I restrained myself not to be accused of favoral treatment,