Everything you need to get fit without having to go to the gym

The arrival of good weather marks one of the biggest peaks of physical activity of the year. The gyms fill up and the training level is skyrocketed to reach the final stretch of the season with maximum results. Under different circumstances, for many it is impossible to go to the gym four or five days a week, and when the holidays arrive it is very common to rest from physical activity as well. In September, in most cases, some of the achievements have been lost


But if you are one of the scars the day to not stop being in shape, from THE ESCAPARATE COUNTRY we select 12 basic devices and at a competitive price – all, below 50 euros – to set up your gym at home. We have categorized them according to three training routines: functional, muscle group toning and high intensity. Health, well-being and an enviable physique available to all,

"Body">Functional training

A training whose essence is to respect the natural movement of the body, and progressively increase strength and endurance. The core or central area of the body is fundamental


Ultrasport Gymnastics Mat

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The basic for performing any soil routine—for example, most core or abdomen— is a good gym mat. This model is high strength, non-slip and manufactured in a washable synthetic rubber. Includes a fastening strap for convenient rolling and storage.

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Ultrasport Elastic Band


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These bands offer three levels of progressive and continuous resistance, and therefore allow to work all muscle groups, as well as perform rehabilitation work or stretching sessions. Ideal for workouts that increase strength and endurance. They come in three colors to distinguish them and for their convenience they can be used anywhere,

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ISE Gymnastics Ball

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The fitball offers a multitude of options. It serves to increase flexibility and, through different exercises, is a very effective tool to increase body control, coordination and balance. It is used in pilates and also to work the core with plates of different difficulty on it. This model holds up to a maximum of 300 kilos of weight, so you can work with confidence,

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"Body">5 kg Reebok Medicinal Ball zoom in

This five-kilogram medicinal ball from Reebok is filled with sand, offers a new dimension to functional training. The release of this spherical against the floor or wall favors the development of arms, shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, quadriceps or buttocks. Its rough surface minimizes rebound and helps for better grip,

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"Body">Tonification of muscle group

Contrary to functional, this type of work focuses work on a particular group of muscles, thus boosting muscle development or hypertrophy.

"Body">Set of Proiron adjustable dumbbells zoom in

This set includes two dumbbell handles and a set of 16 discs of different weights plus a bar. A perfect batch for practicing weightlifting or bodybuilding without leaving home. Includes chrome safety locks. Perfect for initiates or for maintenance of already sculpted muscles.

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Russian weight game from DKN

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Russian or kettlebell is totally fashionable. Unlike dumbbells, their center of gravity is out of hand, so they allow ballistic exercises to be performed with them, such as swinging or ripping. Also exercises typical of dumbbells, such as rowing one hand. Perfect for a weight exercise and, at the same time, aerobic and coordination. This set includes 4 kettlebells, two, four, six and eight kilos of weight,

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Hand Exercise and Forearm Tunturi

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For many people, the hand and forearm are often the weakest link in the body as work is becoming less physical and the use of upper limbs in everyday life does not go beyond typing a computer. With this exerciser focused on that area, you can train sitting on the couch watching TV. It is adjustable and its resistance ranges from 10 to 40 kilos,

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Body Sculpture hypopressive abdominal roller

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This roller allows you to perform one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the abdomen at home. It is made of PVC and steel and weighs just over 500 grams. With regular modern use it firms, tenses and flattens the abdomen while strengthening the arms, shoulders and back.

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"Body">High Intensity

An example of this type of exercise is the crossfit. They are trainings to work endurance, strength, power, balance and flexibility, in which the body is subjected to maximum effort for a certain time with different exercises.

Homello's crossfit zoom in

Comba model beast valid for all types of intervals and circuits, as well as for heating in boxing or martial arts. Allows fast and fluid rotations for maximum power and jump frequency. It is made of flexible steel with plastic protective cover and allows you to adjust its length for a perfect workout. Includes a convenient carrying bag.

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Ultrasport adjustable aerobics body zoom in

The step of aerobics offers multiple possibilities for a cardio and fitness training. Because of its dimensions it is easy to store and, in addition, this model absorbs the sound and is non-slip —on very polished floors it is recommended to place a mat under a mat. It can be adjusted to two heights to increase the difficulty of the routine. Includes an exercise manual.

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Kettler Background Bar

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These push-up simpairments are perfect for perfecting the bottoming technique by alleviating one of the biggest difficulties of this exercise: the pressure on the wrists. They allow to be placed in different positions to make push-ups with different openings and thus work specific areas such as chest or triceps. It has two types of grip: neutral (faces palms) and prono(knuckles at the front).

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Wall Dominated Bar VidaXL

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With the right size (one meter), an easy connection to the wall and at a very competitive price, this bar allows the execution of all types of dominated – one of the most complete exercises. It can be used in three modalities: wide prono grip, to mainly work the wide back of the back; the supine grip to mainly exercise the biceps and, also, neutral grip. The maximum capacity of this bar is 100 kilos.

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