Silent weapons

Writer Stephen King, in his novel Apocalypse, tells us about the effects of the spread of a biological weapon that has been christened "Captain Globetrotter".

It is an infectious flu that wipes out the population and whose cause is due to a military experiment. The novel, in contagious terror, was published in the late 1970s. Perhaps, because of its anticipatory effect, it has turned out to be one of the author's most read to date,

Unfortunately, the use of biological weapons is not limited to the field of fiction, but is as old a war procedure as war can be. In the previous installment we mentioned the site of Caffa by the Tatars when, aided by catapults, they threw into the interior of the city corpses consumed by the plague. As far as i know, it was the first historical event where the disease was used as a throwing weapon against the enemy,

Likewise, during World War II, the Japanese punished Chinese cities by throwing germs of the same bacterium (Yersinia pestis); by loading their bombs with live fleas infected with the plague virus that would ravage Europe during the 14th century. The events committed by the Japanese invasion forces were atrocious. In August 1942, a Japanese aircraft launched its lethal cargo on the rice paddies of Congshan, southeast China. Within a fortnight, fleas began to jump from the corpses of the rats that planted the fields,

Here, we can point out that World War II was a conflict that was fought with the help of science. For the same reason, scientists were recruited on both sides to fight from their labs in order to achieve victory over the world map. The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the most criminal example of the latter. The use of pathogens falls short of such a devastating model,

CDC 'Bacillus anthracis' spores

Now let us return to quieter weapons, because during World War I the use of the Bacillus anthracis was common among members of the German spy services to boycott supplies to Allied troops. This bacillus is the cause of anthrax, an infectious disease known as anthrax or trapero disease, and which when it is gripped into the lungs it is lethal.

Years later, already at the dawn of this century, after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, panic broke out in the West. No one was safe from breathing because of the indiscriminate sending of letters of mortal content. It was 2001. From September 18 to October 9, several Us media outlets, as well as two senators, received letters containing anthrax spores,

The result gave a balance of more than twenty infected people, five of whom died. On the other hand, many were the post office buildings that suffered from the contamination. Eventually, he would find the culprit, or so the media said. It was Bruce Ivins, an employee of the U.S. Army Medical Command who would eventually commit suicide, taking the secret to the grave,

Without doubt, after reviewing the destructive history of the human being in his most perfidious aspect, we can affirm that Stephen King is a gifted writer with a peculiar ability to anticipate the macabre facts; a man with the quietest weapon and invented to date: writing,